ARION 460 - 410

Engine + Drive train.

The CLAAS machinery development programme constantly strives to maximise efficiency, improve reliability and optimise cost-effectiveness. CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS (CPS) bring together top-quality components to create a drive system that sets new standards – and always delivers maximum power when it is needed. CPS is ideally matched to the working system, featuring fuel-saving technology that quickly pays for itself.


ARION 460 - 410

Engine + Drive train.

The CLAAS machinery development programme constantly strives to maximise efficiency, improve reliability and optimise cost-effectiveness. CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS (CPS) bring together top-quality components to create a drive system that sets new standards – and always delivers maximum power when it is needed. CPS is ideally matched to the working system, featuring fuel-saving technology that quickly pays for itself.

Engine and drive train.


The engine. Constant output is just as important as pure power.

Strong at heart.

Under the bonnet, all models feature engines from FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies) with a cubic capacity of 4.5 litres and all the latest technology.

  • 4-valve technology
  • 1,600 bar high-pressure common rail injection
  • Turbocharger (ARION 420 / 410)
  • Turbocharger with wastegate (ARION 460-430)
  • Intercooler
  • Meets the Stage IV (Tier 4) emissions standard thanks to SCR and DOC catalytic converters

Constant output.

The CLAAS-specific engine performance curve provides full torque in a wide engine speed range, guaranteeing constant output and power delivery when they are needed. This makes it easy to save fuel while working at a low engine speed and maximum torque with the ECO PTO, or to work at rated speed with a full reserve.

Precise engine speed.

In addition to the traditional hand throttle on the right-hand console, up to two electronic engine speed memories are available. The driver can set two precise engine speeds and activate them at the press of a button. Press the button again or press the accelerator pedal once to deactivate the engine speed memory. Practical and precise on the headland.

Rated output (hp)

ECE R 120

Maximum output (hp)

ECE R 120

Maximum torque (Nm)

ECE R 120

ARION 460135140570
ARION 450125130550
ARION 440115120520
ARION 430105110480
ARION 42095100435
ARION 4108590405


Cleaning up.

Stage IV (Tier 4).

The ARION 400 meets the Stage IV (Tier 4) emissions standard. Compliance with Stage IV (Tier 4) means that particulate matter and NOx emissions have been reduced significantly to almost zero.

SCR – the urea-based solution.

SCR stands for selective catalytic reduction, a process in which nitrogen oxides are converted into water and pure nitrogen. This is achieved by using a synthetic aqueous solution of urea (AdBlue®), which is carried in an additional tank. Exhaust gas aftertreatment enables the combustion process in the engine to function at the optimum level.

  1. Diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC)
  2. Urea injector nozzle
  3. SCR catalytic converter
  4. Heated urea tank


Fully integrated SCR system.

When designing the ARION 400, all the components required for exhaust aftertreatment were considered from the outset. Full visibility and accessibility are therefore guaranteed. The diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) is positioned under the bonnet immediately behind the turbocharger because it needs high exhaust temperatures to produce an optimum reaction. The SCR catalytic converter is an integral part of the exhaust system and is located on the right-hand side of the tractor.

Never lets you down.

The urea tank is heated as standard, guaranteeing perfect operation throughout the winter months. The pipes for the SCR system are also rinsed after each use to guarantee full operational reliability at all times.


Gearbox. QUADRISHIFT and HEXASHIFT. Shift without clutching.

  1. Creep gears
  2. Four hydraulically controlled ranges
  3. REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser
  4. QUADRISHIFT four-speed or HEXASHIFT six-speed powershift gear boxes

The transmissions. Technology for demanding work.

The QUADRISHIFT or HEXASHIFT transmission enables you to change powershift speed without cutting the power flow and optimally match your forward speed to the conditions on the ground. On the road or around the farm, you can comfortably select any one of four hydraulically selected ranges without having to use the foot clutch. The powershift speeds overlap, allowing the full output potential of the engine to be utilised. This overlap also allows you to change range smoothly on the road.

Ranges and powershift speeds are shifted manually using the rocker switch on the multifunction control lever – making range shifting with the clutch and gear lever a thing of the past. Optionally, you can also leave transmission control to the QUADRACTIV or HEXACTIV powershift unit, allowing you work efficiently in a relaxed frame of mind. Where control, efficiency and versatility are concerned, the ARION 400 is in a class of its own.

  • QUADRISHIFT: 16 gears at the push of a button
    ARION 400

    40 km/h transmission at 1400 to 2200 rpm, tyres: 520/70 R 38


    • 16 forward and reverse gears, all shifted without clutching
    • Four powershift speeds and four hydraulically shifted ranges
    • Fully automatic shifting with QUADRACTIV
  • HEXASHIFT: 24 gears at the push of a button
    ARION 400

    40 km/h transmission at 1400 to 2200 rpm, tyres: 520/70 R 38


    • 24 forward and reverse gears, all shifted without clutching
    • Six powershift speeds and four hydraulically shifted ranges
    • Fully automatic shifting with HEXACTIV
    • Max. top speed at reduced engine speed (1,840 rpm)

    1 Only available in the ARION 460, 450, 440, 430.

The benefits for you.

  • Transmission operated without the gear lever or clutch pedal
  • Multifunction control lever for maximum convenience
  • CLAAS power train management for smooth gear shifting when changing range or powershift speed
  • REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser for effortless direction changing
  • Automatic speed matching
  • Convenient configuration options for transmission management with the CIS (CLAAS INFORMATION SYSTEM)
  • Excellent efficiency in the field and on the road for low fuel consumption
  • Creep gear options down to 150 m/h

More options with CIS.

    ARION 400

    With the SMART STOP function, ARION 400 tractors can be brought to a standstill by pressing the brake, without needing to use the clutch pedal. This lightens the driver's workload considerably, especially during tasks which involve a lot of stopping and starting such as making round bales and front loader work. SMART STOP is easily activated once only in the CIS.

  • Intelligent gear selection.
    ARION 400

    When using the clutchless reverser, you can even change gear automatically when you want the forward speed to be different from the reverse speed (e.g. for front loader work). At the headland, you can also engage a pre-selected gear (headland gear) simply by pressing a button. In tractors with the CIS on-board information system, all transmission information is shown on the additional display in the right-hand A-pillar.

  • Progressive REVERSHIFT.
    ARION 400

    When changing direction, the tractor should respond differently depending on the load and the job in hand. Whether you want a smooth change of direction on the headland or a fast change of direction on the clamp – with CIS anything is possible. The aggressiveness of the REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser is therefore adjustable in nine steps (-4 to +4), providing optimum ride comfort in all situations.

  • NEW: Cruise control and automatic shifting.
    ARION 400

    The start-up gear automatically engaged on starting the engine can be freely selected between A1 and D1. A separate approach gear can also be selected when operating with the auto-shift function activated. The HEXACTIV auto-shift function can also be equipped with a cruise control function. Instead of a fixed engine speed, a target forward speed is specified by pressing a button and the tractor maintains this speed by adjusting the engine speed and gear ratio.

  • Auto-shift function.
    ARION 400
    ARION 400
    ARION 400

    Because you've got more important things to do, you can leave the QUADRACTIV or HEXACTIV to change gear automatically. If your ARION 400 has the CIS, the auto-shift function can be set up with a wide range of well-designed functions according to driver preference and the job in hand.

    The operator can choose between three auto-shift modes via the CIS:

    1. Fully automatic: the auto-shift function shifts for variations in engine speed depending on engine load, vehicle speed and the driver's preference / accelerator position
    2. PTO mode: the auto-shift function shifts in such a way as to ensure the engine speed / PTO speed remains as constant as possible
    3. Manual mode: the auto-shift function shifts according to a fixed engine speed which the driver can program in the CIS



CLAAS tractor concept for greater flexibility.

Thanks to the ARION 400, the technology from the larger performance class is now available in the smaller horsepowers. The CLAAS tractor concept offers significant benefits which give you a clear competitive edge. The combination of a long wheelbase and optimum weight distribution (50% at the front, 50% at the rear) with a compact overall length provides a high degree of versatility while maintaining distinct performance advantages.

  • Long wheelbase and excellent weight distribution:
    ARION 400
    • High driving comfort
    • Good and safe road handling
    • More pulling power and performance as less ballast is required
    • Greater stability for a higher lifting capacity
    • Optimised fuel consumption
    • Lower ballast requirement protects the soil and guarantees dynamic road transport
  • Short overall length:
    ARION 400
    • Good manoeuvrability
    • Short trailer combination on the road
    • Good visibility
    • Good guidance of front-mounted implements
  • A broad base.

    The ARION 400 can be fitted with 38" rear tyres up to a diameter of 1.85 m. With a wide range of options, the ARION 400 is ready for any job, whether you choose road-optimised tyres with an industrial tread or low-compaction field tyres up to 600 mm wide.

  • Safety first.

    The brakes cope with the low tare weight from 4.6 t and maximum permissible gross weight of 8.5 t with an optimum level of safety and stability, assisted by automatic four-wheel drive engagement on braking and the hydraulically supported high-pressure service brake. During braking, the front axle suspension automatically adjusts to the change in load; the tractor therefore retains its normal stability and safety even during sharp braking manoeuvres


Stable. Manoeuvrable. User-friendly.

The new ARION 400 is an extremely robust and flexible tractor which makes your work as enjoyable as possible. Its sturdy cast frame with integral engine oil sump absorbs all the forces from the front linkage, front loader and front chassis. The front loader brackets are bolted directly onto the engine frame and transmission, allowing a front loader or front linkage to be retrofitted simply at any time.


The specially shaped front chassis provides plenty of space for the radiators immediately above the front axle. In front and behind it is designed to be very narrow, like a wasp waist. Together with the compact design of the ARION 400, this gives an excellent steering lock angle and small turning circles.


In practice, this means:

  • Maximum stability even when using heavy front-mounted implements and front loaders
  • Excellent steering lock angle even with wide tyres, for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Turning radius from just 4.4 m (420 / 410) or 4.5 m (460-430)
  • Unrestricted access to the entire engine compartment and all maintenance points

Safe transport.

Thanks to its stable construction, the ARION 400 is capable of pulling and transporting almost anything. It can be fitted with a pneumatic and a hydraulic trailer brake system to meet any requirements. Both systems can be operated simultaneously and the connections are easily accessible at the rear of the tractor.

Trailer couplings available: drawbar, CUNA coupling, K80 ball head coupling, automatic or manual pin coupling, pickup hitch, Piton Fix.


The engine oil dipstick is easy to reach even when a front loader is fitted


Air brakes and hydraulic brakes are also available in combination


Pickup hitch


Hydraulics on demand.

Variety included.

With the ARION 400 you can choose between three different hydraulic circuits:

  • 60 l/min with open-centre hydraulic system
  • 100 l/min with open-centre hydraulic system and electronic pump aggregation
  • 110 l/min with load-sensing system

Up to three mechanical or five electronic spool valves are also available. With the ARION 400 you can choose between a number of hydraulic equipment options and customise your tractor to suit the work you do on your farm: as an all-rounder with a front loader or as a field work specialist. Whether you want the convenience of high-tech solutions or the efficient basic version, the ARION 400 is always the perfect fit.

  • Well metered.

    The basic system available is an open-centre hydraulic circuit with a hydraulic flow of 60 l/min. The optional open-centre hydraulic circuit delivering 100 l/min operates as a twin-pump system. The first pump serves the rear linkage, while a second pump provides flow to the hydraulic spool valves. This allows the ARION 400 to perform these two functions simultaneously. In addition, the entire hydraulic capacity of the two pumps can be pooled and delivered to the spool valves. Ideal for intensive front-loader work or specialist hydraulic applications.

    A 110 l/min load-sensing system is available for top hydraulic performance in CIS and CIS+ models; in this system the variable hydraulic pump supplies only the volume of oil that is really needed.

    For implements with their own control units, Power Beyond connections for the load-sensing circuit are provided at the rear. The implement then controls its own oil requirement, making permanent oil circulation unnecessary.

    The advantages:

    • Hydraulic oil is supplied to the attached implement as required
    • Large-diameter lines, flat-seal couplings and non-pressurised return flow reduce power losses
  • Simple, clean connections.

    The spool valves at the rear of the ARION (up to four) are easy to connect. The coloured markings on the inlet and outlet sides make it easier to attach implements correctly.

  • Equipment
    Open-centre hydraulic circuit 60 l/min
    Open-centre hydraulic circuit, 100 l/min
    Load-sensing circuit 110 l/min
    Up to three mechanical spool valves at the rear
    Up to four electronic spool valves at the rear
    FLEXPILOT front loader spool valve (controlled via mulitfunction lever in the armrest)
    Two central electronic spool valves, e.g. for front loader and front linkage, and an additional spool valve at the rear or switchover valve for dual use (controlled via multifunction lever in the armrest)

    ● Standard □ Available – not available

  • A question of settings.
    ARION 400

    Each mechanical spool valve has its own rotary switch. The function options for each spool valve are selected using the rotary switch allocated to it:

    • Rotary switch in position IIII: Pressure – / Neutral / 
Pressure + / Float position
    • Rotary switch in position III: Pressure – / Neutral / 
Pressure +
    • Rotary switch in lock position: Spool valve locked in pressure position for permanent operation or in neutral position

Implements with a high hydraulic power requirement are supplied by the load-sensing system via the Power Beyond connections.


Controls for one electronic spool valve are available on both mudguards


The electronic spool valves are operated by the proportional-control rocker switches in the side console and the ELECTROPILOT,


which is integrated into the multifunction control lever


Handle any implement. The rear linkage and PTO.

A strong team.

The electronic rear linkage has a maximum lifting capacity of 4.50 or 5.75 t, making it capable of handling any implement. The external controls for the rear linkage, an electronic spool valve and PTO are conveniently located on both mudguards. Practical holders for the lower link balls are also provided at the rear. The rear linkage equipment meets every requirement:

  • Manual or automatic lower link stabilisers
  • Robust and simple top link holder
  • Practical ball holder at the rear
  • External controls for the rear linkage and PTO on both mudguards

Three-way convenience: the controls.

The electronic rear linkage has three types of controls:

  1. On the ergonomic multifunction control lever you can access the raise quickly, quick entry and working position functions for the rear linkage and stop them with the stop button.
  2. On the control panel on the right-hand side console you can also activate the quick raise, quick entry and working position functions for the rear linkage and press the stop button. The slide controller for depth control of the rear linkage, the hand throttle and other controls are also located here. This is particularly useful when working on the headland.
  3. The rear linkage controls used during implement attachment are handily positioned on the right-hand B-pillar, as the driver turns round anyway when attaching implements.

Always at the right speed.

Four different PTO options are available for the ARION 400:

  • 540 / 540 ECO rpm
  • 540 / 1000 rpm
  • 540 / 540 ECO / 1000 rpm
  • 540 / 540 ECO / 1000 rpm and ground speed PTO

The PTO speed is easily pre-selected by pressing a button on the right-hand B-pillar. A switch in the right side console switches the PTO on. Automatic PTO engagement/disengagement can be adjusted continuously according to rear linkage height. Simply move the rear linkage to the position required and press and hold the automatic PTO button – the engagement/disengagement position specified is now saved.

Implement attachment is very straightforward as the PTO stub rotates freely.

Standing start.

The ARION 400 transfers its full output to the PTO when it is stationary and also at low forward speeds. In ECO PTO mode the engine runs at a low, fuel-efficient speed. During light applications, the lower engine speed can reduce noise levels and save valuable fuel: 540 rpm ECO at 1,530 engine rpm.


Integrated front linkage.

For safe, efficient work you need a powerful connection between the tractor and implement. The linkages on the new ARION 400 provide an excellent starting point. The compact, fully integrated front linkage has a maximum lifting capacity of 2.8 t. It also has external controls (only with electronic spool valves). The same applies to stop actuation for the 1,000 rpm front PTO. One spool valve and an open return line can also be specified.

Front linkage and front PTO.

  • Three positions for the front lower links: folded up, fixed working position and float position in slotted hole
  • Double-acting lift rams as standard
  • Short distance between front axle and mounting points for improved guidance of front attachments
  • 1,000 rpm PTO
  • External controls for the front linkage and one electronic spool valve (requires CIS or CIS+ version with electronic spool valves)
  • 7-pin socket available

Maintenance must be as simple as possible.


Quick and easy.

Daily maintenance work should be as straightforward as possible – because we know from experience that nobody enjoys doing things that are complicated or inconvenient.

  • The one-piece bonnet opens at the press of a button, providing access to all the engine maintenance points
  • The oil can be checked and topped up on the left-hand side of the ARION 400 when the bonnet is closed
  • All daily maintenance tasks can be carried out without tools

Long oil-change intervals (engine 600 h, transmission and hydraulics 1,800 h) save a great deal of time and money. This means that less valuable working time is lost during the season and the tractor is where it should be – at work.


Fresh air for full power.

The large intake panels in the bonnet provide plenty of fresh air for cooling and for the engine air filter. Low flow rates at the intake panels help them to stay clean and permeable at all times.The radiator assemblies are supported by a robust frame and gas-filled shock absorbers open the radiator panels to two positions for thorough cleaning, which can be carried out safely and conveniently as required.

The air filter is in an accessible location in the cool zone in front of the radiator panels so there are no obstacles to removing it. The generously sized air filter is designed for a long service life. A pre-cleaner for coarse dirt particles in the filter housing further extends the cleaning interval.