ARION 460 - 410

Built with you in mind. The cab.

The ARION 400 models from CLAAS mark the début of a completely new generation of cabs in the medium and upper 4-cylinder class which are designed to meet every possible requirement. The cab was developed in conjunction with farmers all over Europe, with the PANORAMIC version offering a completely new feeling of space and visibility.


ARION 460 - 410

Built with you in mind. The cab.

The ARION 400 models from CLAAS mark the début of a completely new generation of cabs in the medium and upper 4-cylinder class which are designed to meet every possible requirement. The cab was developed in conjunction with farmers all over Europe, with the PANORAMIC version offering a completely new feeling of space and visibility.


More than a workplace. The cabs.

Greater comfort makes you more productive. The 6-pillar cabs.

Tractor drivers often work very long days. To stay healthy, they need a suitable workplace which can be adjusted flexibly to suit the broad spectrum of work performed by the tractor. The 6-pillar cab makes it possible to work in comfort and even satisfies the needs of highly demanding drivers – with optimum visibility, maximum protection and a very high level of comfort.

  • Continuous windscreen
  • Six narrow pillars for 360° visibility
  • Doors with a wide opening angle – thanks to the 6-pillar design, they only protrude a short distance beyond the tractor contours even when open
  • Easy access from both sides of the tractor
  • All cab versions conform to FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) for protection against falling objects
  • Spacious cab design offers extra room
  • Steering column is easily adjusted by pressing a pedal
  • Cooled drinks compartment under the passenger seat
  • Transparent sunroof for high- and low-profile cabs

CIS+ / CIS / Standard Cab Tour.

Take a 360° tour of the CIS+, CIS and Standard cab systems.

App Store (iPad)

Experience CLAAS tractor cabs in virtual reality. With a suitable Cardboard viewer you can look around freely inside the cabs and switch between the equipment options.

App Store (iPhone)

Play Store (Android)

  1. PANORAMIC cab, from 2.61 m
  2. High-roof cab, from 2.61 m
  3. Low-roof cab (from 2.52 m)
  • Four cab options.

    The new ARION 400 offers four different cab options. Just choose the one that suits you best:

    • PANORAMIC cab with continuous windscreen right through to the glass roof for maximum visibility, with a minimum overall height of 2.61 m
    • High-profile cab with roof hatch or transparent sunroof and minimum overall height of 2.61 m
    • Low-profile cab with transparent sunroof and minimum overall height of 2.50 m
    • 5-pillar cab1 with roof hatch or transparent sunroof, large continuous and shatter-proof side window made from polycarbonate and minimum overall height of 2.77 m; ideal for municipal work

    1Only available with the ARION 450, 440 and 420

  • Superb visibility with the PANORAMIC cab.

    Ideal for all front-loader work: the continuous field of view covers a 90° angle from the driver's perspective. This unique cab design has no cross beams to get in the way and offers an extremely high level of safety and comfort. From the floor through to the roof, the continuous 2.41 m 2 glass front guarantees optimum visibility.

A cab designed for you. Equipment.

A cab and tractor tailored to your needs.

Every customer has individual preferences and wants the tractor best suited to their needs. That's why CLAAS has developed three different versions – Standard, CIS and CIS+. With these three alternatives, numerous other options and four cab styles to choose from, you're sure to find the right ARION 400 for you.

  • Standard
    ARION 400

    NEW: High standard. Simply good.

    In the basic version, the ARION has mechanical spool valves (2) and the transmission is operated from the multipad (1) on the right-hand console. With numerous other equipment options to choose from, you can select exactly the right set-up for your main application: HEXASHIFT  transmission for frequent road use or FLEXPILOT for front loader operations. Concentrate on what's important.

  • CIS version
    ARION 400

    NEW: CIS. Simply more.

    If you want more setting options from the ARION 400 even with mechanical spool valves (2), the CIS version is the way to go. The multifunction control lever (1) built into the armrest offers greater convenience. With the CIS display (3) and additional transmission display (4), you can see all the settings at a glance. The CIS version is also available with two electronic spool valves which can be used to control the front loader, front linkage or an additional spool valve at the rear.

  • CIS+
    ARION 400

    NEW: CIS+. Simply everything.

    With the multifunction control lever (1) and electronic spool valves (2), CIS+ offers  outstanding convenience and intuitive design. Despite its pleasing simplicity, it has all the necessary functionality and the automatic functions needed for effective, effortless operation. The 7 " CIS colour display (3) built into the A-pillar combines display and setting options for the transmission, electronic spool valves, F buttons and CSM headland management. The CIS+ is everything you could wish for.


Everything to hand. 
Multifunction control lever and multipad.

The multifunction control lever.

The newly developed multifunction control lever makes control of the transmission, front loader, rear linkage and spool valves more straightforward and user-friendly than ever, so you only need your left hand for steering. Your right arm lies comfortably on the armrest while you control all the frequently used functions of your ARION 400 with utmost convenience using the multifunction control lever. The height and position of the armrest can easily be adjusted to the driver's requirements. The four-way control function of the multifunction control lever also allows two spool valves to be operated simultaneously: either via the hydraulically pilot-controlled FLEXPILOT function for the front loader or via the ELECTROPILOT function for different electronic spool valves, such as the front loader, front linkage and rear spool valves. Everything in hand.

Features of the multifunction control lever:

  1. Rocker switch to control the powershift speeds and ranges of the QUADRISHIFT or HEXASHIFT transmission
  2. Activate the ELECTROPILOT 4-way control lever function of the multifunction control lever
  3. Switch between electronic spool valves available on the multifunction control lever
  4. Headland gear
  5. Engine speed memory or cruise control
  6. Rear linkage or function buttons F1 / F2
  7. Function buttons F3 / F4
  8. ELECTROPILOT or FLEXPILOT spool valve operation
  9. ELECTROPILOT or FLEXPILOT spool valve operation

Everything at your fingertips.

You can select all forward and reverse gears with one fingertip using the two-stage rocker switch on the multifunction control lever, without touching the clutch pedal:

Stage (blue): shift powershift speeds up and downStage (green): shift ranges up and down


Stage (blue) and button (orange) at the same time: REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser

Right-hand control panel.

The multipad.

The multipad combines all key functions in a compact control panel on the right-hand console. Its ergonomic design keeps the hand in a relaxed position, giving you flexible control of the ARION 400 even at the headland.


Features of the multipad:

  1. "+" and "–" buttons to control the powershift speeds and ranges of the QUADRISHIFT or HEXASHIFT transmission
  2. Engine speed memory or cruise control
  3. Activate QUADRACTIV or HEXACTIV auto-shift
  4. Rear linkage
  5. Activate GPS PILOT automatic steering system
  6. Manual hand throttle
  7. Slide controller for depth control of the rear linkage

The side console – ergonomic perfection.

The key to relaxed and effective working: the side console is the result of extensive analyses of the operating processes in the cab. Frequently used functions are located on the multipad and the multifunction control lever.

  1. Electronic or mechanical spool valves
  2. Control panel – main functions
  3. Electronic switches for creep gear range
  4. Main switch (hydraulics, steering system, battery)
  5. Control panel – additional functions
  6. Activate front and rear PTO
  7. Multipad

Clear, logical layout.

The switches for electronic linkage control and pre-selection of PTO speeds are located on the right-hand B-pillar. This guarantees direct access while work is in progress and allows the driver to optimise the electronic linkage control setting when looking backwards. Two additional buttons for raising and lowering the rear linkage also make it easier to attach implements.

  1. PTO speed selection
  2. Rear linkage operation
  3. Rear linkage status display
  4. Electronic linkage control settings

Maximum convenience and performance. The electronic spool valves.

With load-sensing hydraulics and electronic spool valves, the ARION 400 CIS+ sets new standards. The multifunction control lever and up to two rocker switches in the side console provide proportional control of up to five electronic spool valves. Flow rate and time control can be programmed quickly in the CIS colour display. Press the rocker switches hard to activate time control or continuous flow to the valve; press them lightly for proportional control.


Well informed. CIS.


The modern design of the 7-inch colour CIS display on the A-pillar provides the driver with full information about the transmission, electronic spool valves and F buttons. This colour CIS display shows the settings in the lower part of the screen. The logical, menu-guided interface and clear symbols make navigation very simple.



In this equipment option, the CIS display is built into the instrument panel. Thanks to the self-explanatory, menu-guided interface and icons, even inexperienced drivers can find the right settings with ease. The additional transmission display on the A-pillar shows all the information about the transmission at a glance. The settings for both displays can be selected conveniently using a rotary/push switch and the ESC button on the steering wheel.

The following functions can be set using the CIS:

  • Start-up and approach gears for the transmission
  • Shift points for the HEXACTIV or QUADRACTIV auto-shift
  • Progressivity of the REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser
  • Independent forward and reverse gears
  • Time and volume settings for the electronic spool valves
  • On-board computer functions such as area covered, fuel consumption, area output
  • Maintenance interval display

CIS display on the instrument panel and transmission display on the A-pillar

  1. Current gear
  2. Selected headland gear
  3. HEXACTIV or QUADRACTIV auto-shift limiter
  5. Select field or transport mode
  6. Independent forward and reverse gear (gear shifts automatically when changing direction)
  7. Direction of travel or transmission in neutral
  8. Status of rear linkage and spool valves
  9. Function button assignment
  10. Settings menu

Stay relaxed.CSM and dynamic steering.


The CSM headland management system takes the load off you during all turning manoeuvres in the field. You can run any of the previously recorded functions simply by pressing a button. CSM offers:

  • Recording of up to four sequences
  • Sequences can be activated, terminated prematurely or interrupted
  • Sequences are shown on the CIS colour display

The following functions can be combined in any order:

  • Spool valves with time and flow control
  • Four-wheel drive, differential lock and front axle suspension
  • Front and rear linkage
  • Headland gear
  • Front and rear PTO
  • Engine speed memory
  • HEXACTIV or QUADRACTIV auto-shift

Easy to record and run.

The sequences are recorded continuously. Clear icons on the CIS colour display allow the driver to follow the sequence step by step as it is created. When running a sequence, it can be paused and continued later simply by pressing a button.


Dynamic steering.

Dynamic steering from CLAAS enables you to adjust the ratio between the steering wheel and front axle steering angle in several steps to suit the driver's preferences. Using the CIS display, the driver can choose between two automatic programs and one manual mode.

The two automatic programs help the driver by changing the steering ratio to match the forward speed or current steering lock. This means that the system can be individually adjusted to suit all requirements.

In steering angle-dependent mode, the steering ratio when driving in a straight line is greatly reduced, making the steering more sensitive. The more the driver steers, the faster the steering responds. This is ideal for applications such as front loader work. The driver can steer the tractor in a straight line with great precision but still manoeuvre quickly.

In speed-dependent mode, the steering ratio is proportionally reduced as the forward speed increases above 10 km/h. This is particularly useful during field work. It allows fast and light turning at the headland. For faster work the steering ratio is reduced again to make it easier to drive straight ahead.

In manual mode, the steering wheel/steering angle ratio is permanently linked to the four adjustable assistance levels.


Ergonomics and comfort 
for optimum working conditions.

Comfortable and safe – right from the start.

The 6-pillar cab design allows the door to open wide with little overhang. This makes it easier to access the cab and protects the door from damage. Dirt-resistant steps and robust handrails provide a high level of safety wherever you are working – in the field or in the yard.


First-class comfort.

Many features of the ARION 400 environment make it the ideal choice for long working days. A large number of storage options mean that the driver can always find space for a mobile phone or documents. Under the passenger seat there is a cooler compartment which has room for a 1.5 l bottle and snacks. Perfect for your lunch break.


Clear and logical layout.

When you press the small pedal underneath the steering column the entire steering column pivots upwards, allowing plenty of room to enter and leave the cab. It can be returned to the optimum position when you start work. Another lever on the steering column enables you to adjust the height of the steering wheel. The instrument panel is always in the perfect position for viewing because it is mounted on the steering column and moves with it.


A pleasant working environment.

The standard equipment on the ARION 400 includes a highly efficient heating and ventilation system with continuously variable fan control. A manually operated or automatic air-conditioning system is naturally available on request. The ventilation system can optionally be equipped with fittings for a category 3 filter (to EN 15695) for crop spraying. The active carbon filter is available from your CLAAS dealer.


The comfortable passenger seat is padded and has an easy-care fabric cover


The cab has power sockets and connections for ISOBUS-enabled terminals


Handy document storage compartment in the right-hand side console


Simply press the middle foot pedal and the steering column automatically swings upwards, making it easy to leave the cab


Plenty of ideally positioned air outlets in the cab provide a pleasant working environment without unpleasant draughts


The modern radio can be fitted with a USB port, AUX input, SD card reader and Bluetooth on request.


Switches for the work lights are conveniently positioned on the left-hand B-pillar


Handy storage compartments on the left side console ensure that everything is within easy reach. A 12 V socket is provided for charging mobile phones.


Suspension that protects both operator and machine.

Comfort to match its bigger brothers: ARION 400.

For long and demanding working days, comfort is no longer a luxury confined to top-of-the range machines – it's an essential requirement. The new ARION 400 provides comfort right down to the smallest details.

  • PROACTIV front axle suspension. Complete comfort automatically.
    ARION 400

    Independent wheel suspension and 90 mm spring travel guarantee a very smooth ride.The suspension adjusts to tractor loading and automatically remains in the central position. Changes in load due to braking and turning manoeuvres are also compensated.

  • Vibration damping at front and rear.
    ARION 400

    Heavy implements mounted on the front and rear create a load on the tractor as well as the driver. The front and rear linkage are both equipped with vibration damping to compensate for peak loads during transport operations and when the attached implement is raised at the headland.

  • Cab suspension for enhanced comfort.
    ARION 400

    The mechanical 2-point cab suspension available for the ARION 460-430 offers greater driving comfort in every situation. And the entire suspension system is completely maintenance-free. When combined with PROACTIV front axle suspension, the ARION 400 satisfies even the most demanding requirements.

  • Low-frequency suspension. The premium seat.
    ARION 400

    Seven seats from Sears and Grammer are available, including a pivoting premium seat with low-frequency air suspension.

    • Suspension automatically adjusts to the driver's weight
    • Pivoting seat console makes it easier to see implements